About AMB

The Academy of Music & Business is a new and unique music and business-related centre for advanced learning in Småland that started in autumn 2013. The programmes have nationwide admission and the school is characterised by intensive work with core values.

The school is situated in Tingsryd, and covers approximately 4,500 square metres of floor space. The school houses 11 production studios, an auditorium seating 450, 8 ensemble rooms, 8 rehearsal rooms, a main studio, and everything else you could wish for in an optimised learning centre specialising in music, music production and entrepreneurship.

The educational goal is to teach the students to apply pragmatic thinking to their own creativity, to understand the value of brand building, to have knowledge of intellectual property rights and in general give the creator insight into the conditions that exist in a cultural climate that is under constant change. Advanced sections of the courses feature a large number of speakers from the absolute peak of the music industry to ensure that we remain constantly updated.

In addition to them, the school hosts leading speakers on music law who focus on the question of the future approach to intellectual property rights. Today there is no naturally accepted link between the creator and the private sector except that which is financed purely by advertising. In addition, change is resisted by the “old school” music industry, which has been hopelessly outpaced over the past decade of file sharing.