On this page we present the core values of AMB and some thoughts on them. These core values permeate the entire school and are communicated in numerous ways every week throughout the three school years.

Without its students, its teachers, and the invaluable interaction between them, the school is just a building with floors walls and a roof. The interaction is the fundamental cornerstone of our environment, our enjoyment and how much we achieve as a group. No one can do everything alone, nobody has the total knowledge, and nobody is less important than anybody else under the roof of AMB. Together we are strong, together we can turn the impossible into the possible, and together we can build a school which gives maximum rewards, not just for a few, but for everybody.

To always know that you have done your best gives inner peace. No matter how much criticism you meet through life you can always find peace in the knowledge that you have performed to the best of your ability. Besides this aspect, it is important to remember that your personal brand, one of your biggest assets, is built on a reserve of trust. This reserve begins to grow through your reliability, through your achievements and through the quality of what you create. Even though we live in a world of short-lived trends, there will always be a market for quality. Make it yours.

It is sometimes said that: “You can because you think you can”. To encounter the world around you, your colleagues and your work duties with a positive mind in turn releases energy that creates unexpected positive effects, even if from the beginning you found the situation or tasks difficult to handle. There is logic in the notion that negative people do not achieve positive results. Avoid being one of them, then in addition your work will become more rewarding and enjoyable, leading to even better results.

We all have a genetic heritage and a social heritage. They can both vary in character. Some people have an organisational ability, others are good at negotiating, some at expressing themselves in words, and someone else perhaps has musical talent. But nothing here in life is free. Of course, these talents must be activated and nurtured to bear fruit. A talent can be seen as an advantage, but success is achieved only when it is combined with training, structure and single-minded work to achieve the goal.

It is a question of making an effort and trying, to be able to improve your knowledge and skills. We must also dare to fail in order to succeed. Our drive is a precious resource. It is in all of us, but like everything else, it can be encouraged or discouraged. Fear of failure limits us and our opportunities. It can obstruct our drive and our self-belief. At AMB the student is to be stimulated to turn the thought of failure into a positive experience, to perform better and to avoid dwelling on failures.

There are no bad ideas. Even the ideas that do not seem to “hold water” can inspire somebody else to think up a new idea with perhaps greater potential. At AMB we encourage thinking outside the box – we always give it priority – and we are always keen to follow up what might come of it. All great ideas were once simple. Do not reject them – cultivate them.

Your good name is something to polish daily and to tend very carefully. It is both about your relations with other people and with other actors you cooperate with. Your personal brand is in fact your reserve of trust, the reserve that simplifies everything you do, in everything from meetings with new people to business relations. You can say that a strong personal brand is largely based on the general opinion about you – even when you yourself are not present.

Knowledge is power. Knowledge allows you to influence, and to realise yourself and your dreams. Learning must be fun and gaining knowledge is both motivational and inspirational. In certain parts of the world the chance of education is seen as a privilege, in other parts of the world it is seen as a necessary evil … If you thirst for knowledge, we at AMB will hand out the keys to doors which otherwise might remain locked.

Time is the only thing there is not enough of. All the time spent on things which give nothing in return is in a way wasted. So do not waste your time or other people’s time. Through good planning and an efficient approach to everyday life, it is easier to reach your goals. In other words, giving your time to something valuable brings opportunities for more creativity.

Everyone can dream, but few can turn their dreams into something concrete. It requires courage, knowledge, conviction and a lot of energy. Life is what passes by while you are doing other things. So seize the day and begin to work on your dream this very day. At AMB the student is given a relevant sounding board through actors close to and in the music industry and through a good general knowledge base.

To do something “for the common good” is often underrated in our society, where services and actions are often expected to lead to some kind of compensation. But to do something good without expecting compensation makes your own personal brand more attractive and more credible. In other words it creates good karma for whoever carries out the action, and makes relations with other people easier.