AMB has been the brainchild of Magnus Lundin, headmaster of ACADEMY OF MUSIC & BUSINESS and me. We wanted to create a school that we would have wanted to attend at age 16. We wanted to shake up the educational system, as we know it, at least for the young musician that happens to be born in the wrong decade when it comes to the music industry. Not only did we want them to understand the magic of being able to play music with likeminded students, we also wan- ted them to understand the business behind music. We wanted to edu- cate them from the obsolete formats to what the future could potentially hold for a person with a creative mind; hence the B which stands for business intelligence. We also wanted to apply a ”can do factor” to every is single student through a revolutionary curriculum based on core values and individual develop- ment called ”MY BETTER ME.”

We had very ambitious plans especially when we decided to establish our first location in a small village in the south of Sweden called Tingsryd. We where convinced that if a young student felt like they could get bang for their buck, they would come to our school and never want to leave – no matter where it was located!


– GIBSON Guitars. There has not been one brand since I was a young musician that has taken me to a more pleasant universe than GIBSON. It was the weapon of choice for all string benders that meant something to me. From Jimmy Page to Ace Freely to Zakk Wylde. GIBSON was partly my musical journey and I wanted all students to have a similar experience. I wanted to infuse that same wild, untamed energy into our 16-year old students and with all clarity it came to me – The GIBSON Auditorium, an entire building dedicated to music!
With a state-of-the-art stage, 450 seating capa- city and advanced lighting system, these cutting edge components would take one’s breath away.

The idea was as vast as it was absolutely crazy. I rushed to Berlin for a meeting with Boris Loehe and his GIBSON team! Surprisingly, they agreed to come to Tingsryd to try to see things for themselves and comprehend my ideas. To his credit, Boris immediately understood, along with Joerg and other wonderful people at GIBSON Berlin. Since then, we have hosted amazing performers in the Auditorium and it has made a name around music circles in Sweden. We have created a small TV format around it too called ”A NIGHT AT THE GIBSON AUDITORIUM” where young students interview music celebrities, such as music legend David Foster, Daniel Ek of Spotify and Steve Angello to name a few.

The majority of our students have fallen in love with their first Les Paul, a decision that will influence them as musicians for the rest of their lives. AMB is a High School where 25 percent of the 180 students play guitar (as their ”first” instrument) but over 50 % can play guitar. Vocals 50 % and then we have drums, bass, piano. All the students have to play at least one instrument. The TV show has lmed numerous shows in the auditorium and the school, either around me or when DISNEY UK did their TV show ”THE ACADEMY” about our school. We are close to opening two more ACADEMY OF MUSIC AND BUSINESS schools, one in the town of Vara in 2017 and one in Sundsvall 2018. We hope these types of successful collaborations will continue.

As a true KISS fan, I turned over the cover of the famous LOVE GUN record and at the end of the credits it read, ”Paul Stanley plays Gibson guitar because he demands the best!” Right then, I decided I too am not going to settle for less!

Thank you again and I’m looking forward to a prosperous, working relationship!

Andreas Carlsson
CEO of AXB Education AB


AXB Education are proud to have enterted an exklusive collaboration with Starbucks Coffee in Sweden.
At all our school there will be a Starbucks On The Go.