Students in Year 9 in Växjö Municipality, Lessebo, Alvesta, Älmhult, Tingsryd and Uppvidinge Municipality apply to upper secondary school via the Växjö Municipality login. More information about how to do it, the password and so on, are available at your comprehensive school.

Students from other comprehensive schools in Sweden follow the instructions they are given at each comprehensive school, or get help from their Study and Careers Counsellor (SYV). If you have further questions, contact

Application code: ESMUS0S
Specialisation: MUS
Municipality code: 0763
School code: 01701
School: AMB (Academy of Music & Business)

Send the application to:
Växjö kommun, Gymnasieförvaltningen

Box 1222
35112 VÄXJÖ Sweden

Besides the application based on school marks, you as an applicant will carry out a skills examination and an interview.

This is how it is done

1. You will be contacted for a first admission test. It consists of you sending in something you feel is representative of you. It can be a cover or a song by you. It can be instrumental or vocal. If you produce music you can send along a production that you feel is representative of you. You also send a presentation of yourself, your ambitions and what you hope to get out of the education. Send the song and presentation to

2. After that, you who have been accepted as above will be called to an admission exam/ audition. It consists of several different stages, for example cooperation exercises, interview, theory test and an audition. You will be informed about the different stages in good time before your audition. These admission exams are held from the end of April to the end of May.

3. AMB will then send notification of whether or not you have been admitted. For other questions regarding the admission process, please e-mail

If you have further questions about the admission process, please e-mail