It can be music, gastronomy, sports, commerce, programming, entrepreneurship, or why not agriculture? X symbolises a variable. We do not yet know what knowledge the future will demand of us, so we want The X to be constantly open to discussion.


If we have now determined what the X stands for, what does the B stand for? It stands for Business, or if you will, Business Intelligence. That which we can call awareness about your own industry, and perhaps even where it is headed. AXB wants to get people to reflect in the right way about what they do with their time. To give a helicopter perspective, a businesslike approach, which can justify and develop the student’s skills. To see new revenue streams and exciting alliances that have not yet come about. With our “Business Division” we want the school to inspire and give the students the right tools to find their way. To give students the chance, with good core values and thoughts rooted in good business practices, to understand the industry and perhaps even influence it.

When we ordered the printing on our first school jackets, somewhat by chance, a slogan ended up on the back. It was “Creativity never sleeps”. Nobody can know when have that brilliant idea pop up in their head, and with the help of business thinking, you can further process it and make it into something fantastic. An idea is always just an idea until somebody makes it into something big.

Advisory board

A school can easily be outdistanced by time itself. Therefore we are linked to a network of speakers and mentors who can update our courses so that they are in step with the times. If the student wants to become a music producer, then of course we make sure the student can listen to some of the leading representatives of all the different fields in the music industry. From intellectual property rights and management to artists and music producers. We believe that know-how is a perishable commodity, and is best taught by those who are active in the industry. Having said that, we also have a fantastic team of teachers, all handpicked in accordance with the values that build our school. Just like our students, they come from all over Sweden. We believe in a meeting between teacher and student that is based on transparency and mutual respect. We believe in common lunches and open staffrooms. We keep the school open until 22.00, 7 days a week, always with a teacher on site in case you realise you are behind with some homework, or if you wish to stay on and work extra in some subject.